All Gemini Handpieces include a one year warranty, $125. 00 standard overhaul, and $150.00 premium overhaul for three years!

Gemini Midwest Tradition: Starting at $269.95. 

Gemini Kavo: Starting at $369.95.

Gemini NSK: Starting at $339.95.

Self-Containing LED Coupler

The Greatest Advancement in Handpiece Technology Since the Advent of Fiber Optics!

Choose your favorite Kavo, Star®, NSK, Midwest®, or other fixed back fiber optic handpiece.

Connect the corresponding Prometheus™ Coupler.

Bright LED light instantly! No power supply, fiber optic hoses, or installation needed.

Upgrade to fiber optics or expand/fix/replace existing fiber optic systems for the cost of a regular quick disconnect coupler!

Patent pending

1 year warranty